Email 1/5/2015

​Well this week was chill!!!  So life was going great until Tuesday night at 10:15 p.m. as I am trying to sleep I got a call from the ZL!  Thinking that they are asking if we need any supplies my comp answers!!  Nope, transfers!!  WHAT!!! I have only had my comp for a month!! But here we don’t have transfers every 6 weeks like most missions!  Here it is when ever president says!!!  One time sister Dlamini had a comp for 2 weeks!!  Well, she got transferred to Ndirande and I am still here in Zinwangwa!!! Sister Griffus is my new comp! She is great! She is from Minnesota! Nice to have an American to talk to!
So the week became VERY SLOW!!! It wasnt the most productive thing to have a new missionary who cant speak and doesnt know her way around, be the one who had to help the other missionary learn the area!!! This week will be good though! We are going to work very hard and I am very excited to lose myself in the work!!!
So Sunday, as you all know, two wonderful people were baptized and covenanted with there father in heaven!! I am so happy for them!!! To bad Sister Dlamini couldn’t be there!! But, It is so exciting to see a family brought together by the gospel! It truly does bring happiness!! I just love this church!!! And these people!!
Anyways, really though the week wasn’t too crazy!!! Well, besides having to move a missionary out and another in and then being lost the whole time in our area! But hey, it was all good!!! Oh, and two missionaries haven’t gotten here from transfers yet so that is crazy! I think I will end up in a 3-some tonight! That should be fun!! Some African countries hate others! So the missionaries from Congo have a hard time being allowed to come here to Malawi!  The countries here are funny that way!!  Most of the missionaries here weren’t called to this mission!  They all just get rejected and have to come here! Even the Americans!  It’s crazy!!! Zambia is chill and collects all the missionaries who can’t go to where they were assigned!!  Interesting fact: Sister Dlamini was called to Liberia but was transferred because of the Ebola!!  But she served there for two months until is was closed!  Somebody she knew had it even and then they died like a week later! So that is sad!
Oh, because I hate washing my laundry so much I hired somebody to come and wash it!! That’s fun! She came for the first time today! That was nice!!! I like her!! She is like 20 and is the YW president in our branch! She has her mission papers almost done and then she will be leaving!
Oh, I had to teach primary! That was fun!  Because of the rain there were like 5 children!  Ha!
Life is good! Sister Griffus is super funny! We get along well! It’s all chill!
Love Sister Browning!
P.S. Send me letters!

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