Group Email 1/12/2015

I am disappointed in everybody!!! No happy birthdays man!!! I am 2 months old today!!! I figured you would all remember that!!! Geeez  😉 no but my awesome companion woke me us to green pancakes in the shape of a 2!!! Boom aint she great!!!

Hey my family, and friends!!! This was a fun week!!! Let’s see, so I ended up in a trio this week!! That was fun!! I was with sister Mantungwa and Griffus!!! They were companions before!!! Ha it was a bit weird because they were comps like two weeks ago and then they ended up being comps again, but with me!! That was fun!!

Nothing to epic happened I don’t think! I am trying to remember!! We worked very hard!! Probably the hardest I’ve worked on my mission! It was also one of my favorites!!! I have been exhausted!!! But it is all good! Knew that that would happen before I went out on mission!!!

I attempted to make Nishima yesterday!!!  That was fun 🙂 ha I spent the majority of the day at a members house!!! It was raining so hard!!! When it rains we cant really do much!! Nobody wants to talk to us out in the rain and you cant hear anything in the houses!! Metal roof tops!! So when it rains we just take cover and wait it out!! Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped raining since!!! Still raining… now the power is out!! Hopefully it comes on soon or else nobody is going to get this email I will just be tortured to see the emails from people but can’t open them!!! I think I might murder people!!!

I am at one of the senior couples houses emailing because I am ill… isn’t that great… it isn’t to bad!!! Just a bad head cold probably from the rain!!! So I figured out why my tummy has been hurting since I arrived!!! It’s because I grew up eating processed food!! Then you come here and eat EVERYTHING straight from the ground!! Even though I would eat the same things its different because we are making it all from scratch!! But It tastes better!!!

So what else can I tell you that you would care about?! I will make a list of things that are different from home to my new home!!!

1. Xing milk

2. Combees (scary taxi van that we have to ride daily and we almost die!! )

3. Here ketchup is called tomato sauce!

4. We use military time!

5. There are walls around many houses to help keep people out! On the top of said walls is broken glass!

6. There is no carpet in the houses! Not even in my flat!!!

7. There are no toilets where I work!! They just have a whole in the ground!! I have gotten very good at waiting until I get back to my flat!!

8. They pronounce there z  like “zedee” (w x y zedee!!) I get strange looks sometimes!

9. They cut the grass with a machete! No lawn mowers here! Tell that to the girls next time they complain about having to mow the lawn, dad! (I still don’t want to though when I get home!)

10. Here we have a store called “game” which is a mini Walmart!! It is even owned my Walmart!! I discovered it last Monday!!!

Well I cant really think of much things to write about!!  So you all get to read a spiritual thought:

 So I have been watching a lot of conference lately, I loved a lot of the talks!!! I loved a line by Elder Ballard! He said something like this: An evil man could never write the book of Mormon, and a good man never would unless he were instructed from God! I loved this quote!!! It is very true I hadn’t really thought about it that way!!! I do know though that an evil man would never be able to write a book so sacred as the Book of Mormon! And A righteous man only would if God had told him to!! The Book Of Mormon is seriously wonderful! One of the main things I have learned here on my mission is that it is a sacred book!! Before I believed in it, I had a testimony of its truthfulness but I didn’t fully grasp just how sacred it is!!! I Didn’t fully appreciate how much pain and tribulation prophets had to go through to write, translate and protect it! I still don’t fully appreciate or understand but I will keep trying!!

I was listening to a talk this morning while getting ready, I don’t remember who by, but it was talking about the Savior!!! They asked a question to mothers “who would intentionally put there child through pain and make them cry?” Then he said “Almost every child comes out of the doctors office crying and sad but a mother does this because she knows that only by doing this can the child be protected in the future.” Heavenly Father had to watch his son suffer for all the sins of man kind and suffer on the cross, but he did it because he understood that it was the only way we all can be saved!

The same can be said about the prophets that wrote, translated and protected the Book of Mormon. Even though these men went through hard trials and some even suffered death, there was a reason. If they didn’t go through these things we wouldn’t have the Book Of Mormon and we wouldn’t have sufficient knowledge to return to our Father in Heaven again!!

I am very thankful for the gospel and for the Book of Mormon. I know that it contains the fullness of the gospel and that it goes hand and hand with the Bible. I am eternally thankful for Christ and for the prophets that had to go through so much to give me the opportunities to learn and to grow. I love this church, it is the only true church on the earth!! And I love my mission!! I love being able to see lives change and to see how happy people get when they learn about Christ’s true church!! It is amazing!!! I love you all!!!

Here is a challenge for you all to complete. I have learned that we must challenge everybody we talk to. I have been doing this and it has really built a better relationship with both my heavenly father and companions!!

1. Kneel down and thank God for EVERYTHING you have. Then ask for ways to serve others. Pray for each family member or person in need. After completing your prayer just sit and ponder what you have said in your prayer!! Then lastly act. You will find ways to serve those you prayed for!!! It can be something simple like cleaning the kitchen or front room!! Little things mean a lot!!! The last thing to do is to pray as a family. And the person saying the prayer should pray for others. For some reason this is a little hard!!! Maybe it was just for me, to pray for my companion when she can hear me. But I know that it builds friendship and love. It means a lot to me when my companions pray for me and pray for my family. When you are done with that, report. Report to the Lord and tell him how you feel, and ask him to help you even more.  Again thank him for helping you have the spirit in your home..  I promise that if you choose to do this then your relationship in the home and with your family will become stronger!! You will feel more love towards one another!!! Mom make sure you guys do this, yes girls it is like a coom-by-ah (don’t know how that is spelled.) moment but deal with it! It’ll be good!


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