Chat with mom January 26, 2015

Yo mommy Neicia is on!! Talk to me! I misses your face! I hear you are just doing great on my blog mommy!!! Keep it up!

There isn’t much to do now because everybody has to wait until the rainy season is over to rebuild!! Water has been a real issue!! We are not allowed to drink in the area at peoples houses because of cholera! And we have had no running water!!! Pipes are all broken in all of Blantyre! Bottled water is very expensive so we don’t ever buy!!! I have been very dehydrated and got quite sick!! But it is really all good!! The zone leaders have been getting us clean water in our 2 liter bottles They’re out every night at the well because they have to do it for the whole zone and senior couples!! There are 24 people so they are busy!! The water turned on yesterday (which we still can’t drink)!! I have a filter in my flat that I use!! I got to take a shower mom!! Be grateful I know how much you like to be clean!! I got a shower!! I think I was in there for about 45 mins!!! I just sat there because I was sick but it was one of the happiest things ever!!! I got to shower!! I will tonight too if, hopefully, the water is on! But if not, oh well dirty is good too! I have a bucket! ๐Ÿ˜‰
โ€‹I told you I was very sick this week! I didn’t get to work or go out much!! I feel almost all the way better!! My tummy is still hurt a little but I walked here so I am obviously doing better! Two days ago I couldn’t walk across the room without taking a break! I probably had bad water or something!! I ate some nasty chips that were probably soaked in gross water. Chips are french fries-kinda!! I like them!! I eat them every day! It’s just water is low so all the food places are closed. We were starving and found that place and I don’t think it was sanitary!!
People don’t like to talk about the flood too much! They just think happy thoughts and move on with their lives and I don’t want to pry and ask people to relive their trauma!ย  Agogo is safe! She lived in a strong house!! She’s as happy as can be! Not that I can speak to her but hey she is sweet!!
A little piece of our chat when I got off for about 2 minutes.
Neicia: You said you’d be back.
Me: Umm…I am. We’re chatting.
Neicia: Sorry, I was impatient! I’ll repent!
Me: I think you’re okay.
Neicia: Heavenly Father doesn’t allow ANY imperfection in his kingdom!
Me: Then DO repent, lol. Better now than saving it for later when you may forget. And I forgive you. I was just confused. No harm done…does that make you feel better?
Neicia: I don’t need your forgiveness! The Lord’s will suffice and God’s mercy!! But hey, yours doesn’t do harm! So I acknowledge your forgiveness and I thank you for it!
Me: LOL!
Neicia: No seriously, Mommy!

Then after she sent out the group email we had another little chat session:
Me: Awesome story. Just like your stories of perfect obedience. Loves that story from the MTC.
Neicia: Ha ha! Except this one was a joke!
Me: As in a joke like it didn’t really happen?
Neicia: Of course it happened!! As in nothing!! Just my mind humor!!! I’m on my mission. My jokes aren’t entitled to be funny to mere civilians mother!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Me: ‘Tis true, Neicia. I just needed a little clarification after you confused me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Neicia: Sorry, I’ll repent again!!!
I’m going to Ndriandre tomorrow on exchanges. I’ve been there one other time. I have no idea how big everything is because I just stay in my area. Look it up! My area itself is pretty big! I still have yet to get everywhere!! Not that it’s humongous though!! There are many houses very close together! Sometimes I’m talking like 1 1/2 feet from one another!! So it’s lots of people to see! I already have too many people to get to in a week!
No, but honestly we are fine! Life is going like it normally does!! It’s sunny today!! Pipes are being fixed and all the people have been relocated!! We even just had a party in the branch! We are happy! Things are good! ๐Ÿ™‚

DSCF3090ย ย ย ย ย  DSCF3009


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