Group email 2/23/2015

Well I am trying to think of something…
So this wonderful week I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to speak in church and to teach in district meeting! Yay me! So lately we have been talking a lot about being diligent! I am really trying to be as diligent as I can! I have been really applying that as best as I can! I wouldn’t say I am super undiligent but I am not perfect! But I have learned that perfection is what I am, and have to be, striving for! Will I ever reach it on this earth!? Nope! But that is what I will try to do non-the less! Anyhow,  I can see a change! I can see a change in myself mostly! The Lord is helping me with this too! He is helping me through my trials! The harder I am working the harder I have to work to get anything done! It is interesting!! Haha, but that is the way that the Lord wants it! That is how I am to grow! Sorry I don’t have a funny story or a a super spiritual moment this week! Just know that I am working hard and striving to work my hardest! That I love the Savior! And all that he has done for each and everyone of us! I love you! all! Read your scriptures, pray and gain a relationship with our Father! It will make you all eternally happy! I love you all! 🙂
​Peponi picture palibe! (sorry there are no pictures!) The xing computers here are giving everything I plug in a virus! Someday I will send some!
Love you all again! Keep emailing! It makes me very happy! Everybody say hi to my mommy for me! She is the best!
Neicia Browning aka Sista Blown!
(Pictures sent by her companion, Sister Griffus)
IMG_0183 IMG_0216 IMG_0307 IMG_0308IMG_0191

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