Group Email 4/20/2015

Yo people, what up!? So this week was eventful!!! It is like the rainy season wanted to start all over again!! Wednesday I had interviews with President and that was good! I like that man!! He is sweet! Hey it’s raining… again!!! Which brings us to Thursday!! I was glad to have a full day to keep myself from thinking about home!! So we started off our day going to our district service!! It was like a Hike! You be breathing all hard!! And we had to jump a couple rivers and what not!! Well 1,000,000,000 years later we got there and we were told to start picking up rocks!! So we did! We get rocks! They were building a wall! So we were going, going, going! 2 1/2 hours later we were told “Basi.” Stop! So we did! So we were done! We ate some bananas and then got ready to leave! We decide to pray before we went! So we did! Then during the prayer the sky opened up and it started to pour!! Well, we were on a mountain and there was no way we could get down without being swept away so we waited! and waited! Then waited more!! We missed our time to work with President! We were supposed to go out and work with him and Sister Erickson! That wasn’t going to happen!! So I called them and I was yelling to try to talk to her! We were under a thin metal roof so you can imagine how loud it was! Well finally they understood!! Anyways our two hour service project was more like 4 1/2 hours!
It has yet to stop raining! everyday it POURS! For a while!! Friday was hard!! We couldn’t teach much because all our people live on hills! And we might as well just lay into the dirt/clay because that is where we would end up if we tried to climb!!!
We got a really interesting text this week! Evidently, in South Africa all the foreigners are being killed and so all the southern countries want to kill all the foreign South Africans! So all the South Africans in the mission now have to lie and say they are from either Zambia or Malawi! And the rest of us are supposed to be really careful! We have a bunch of new rules again and will probably end up having to go in super early again or just not allowed to go out and work! Its crazy up here in Africa man! 🙂 I am safe though! Don’t worry mother! I know that you will now! But hey South Africa is cray-cray! That is why sisters aren’t allowed there!
(Literally, I can’t here the people next to me because it is raining so bad! It’s toooo loud!!!)
Let’s see! Ummm at one of my recent converts houses I looked out the window and saw death! Actually I looked into the eyes of death a couple time this week! This time though there were many eyes!! Didn’t need to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to see huge spiders because I was living it!! Like 100.000,000,000 spiders all above me! Right outside her window!! Some as big as the palm of my hand and then one the size of my whole hand!! It was freaky! DSCF4221
I also almost stepped on a little bird!! Just a little baby! I saved it! Actually, it probably died because I had to touch it but I would rather it die this way! The Malawians would’ve just eaten it! So yeah…
Ummmmm lets see.  Oh here is a story!
Once upon a time two lone missionaries were hiking this long steep hill to go email their precious families! Everything seemed very normal for these two diligent servants of the Lord! Better then normal, for the sky was clear! The trees were green and luscious and the local people were out and about! Life was good!
The sisters saw a small boy and waved, greeting him in his native tongue! He looked back at them and then they saw a face of horror strike him. Wondering what brought this on they looked away! The tall white one saw it first! A black mamba had just come onto the road.
This wasn’t normal for the sisters to see! The mambas have their colony and they have theirs! This one was a brave little guy!
By this time the other companion saw the on coming predator! It only took her about .3 seconds to take off running in the opposite direction. Guess the companion ship rule “stay within sight and sound” doesn’t apply when a mamba is involved! The white one couldn’t move! Mixed thoughts were running in her head! “I knew I should’ve bought the machete. Cool a mamba. I want to take a picture. FREAK MAN a mamba! Glad I apply the atonement daily. Where is my companion!?” These thoughts were all to much and so she just stood there! All of a sudden something happened. A loud clunk and the snake was dead! There was a rock on it now.
It was enough to snap the missionary out of her trance! She looked and the small boy child had taken a large rock and with amazing aim killed my snake. Then he just shook his head and left me. Finally the short black missionary made her way back to her companion, claiming to have found her courage and was planning on grabbing me and running away again! I believe her!


I hope you all liked that! It was nice right?

That was my week!
Sista Browning out!


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