Group email 6/2/15

Ok, to be honest, I don’t know how to write my week! By far it was the hardest week I have EVER had in my whole life!!! All whoppin’ 19 years of it!!!
It all started last Sunday!! Like 9 days ago! So my comp wakes up complaining about a mosquito bite!! I tell her she is going to get malaria and to put soap on it!! Well she does and all is well!! Then comes Monday!! All is fine!! But Tuesday the bite is a little (a lot) larger and hurting her!!! I know it actually really was hurting because that girl is so tough!! Me, I cry at a paper cut but her?  No!!! She just goes all day super happy and optimistic about the work!! So I was a little worried and decided to call one of the senior couples and asked if they had Benadryl! They didn’t but went and bought us something similar!! So we put it on and all was well!!! Then Wednesday!! The bite was half a book of Mormon! She has a small arm!! Well that wasn’t good and she was in a lot of pain so I called a different senior missionary who was a doctor. He said he wanted to look at it and by what I was describing he thought it was a spider bite. So we went there and he told her we needed to go to the hospital. It was a spider bite and it was getting infected. So we went. The doctor did nothing. glanced at it for maybe 5 seconds and said she was having an allergic reaction to something. Yeah… no. Well we went home.
We got some REALLY sad news that Ken (the one I talked about last week) his wife past away. It was really sad. She just got out of the ICU and started to recover. Her intestines had a knot in them and then she couldn’t breath after the surgery and they didn’t know why. Well she passed away. So we went to the Funeral. If you have seen “the other side of heaven” it was a lot like that!! It was VERY sad. Ken’s wife was catholic so we went there and the singing in there was so beautiful. I wish I could’ve recorded it. I loved it. But it was still sad. So then we went to Ken’s house… they took the casket there and put it inside then anyone who wanted could go in and mourn. That was the really sad part. Everybody else sat outside for about an hour. The whole thing was just so sad. But finally one of our recent converts came and got us and we went and saw Ken. The women and men hadn’t been sitting together but finally we were able to. (I didn’t understand that part everything was in Chichewa) So we talked to Ken. He was taking it very well and asked for a priesthood blessing as soon as possible. We got the elders and went in to a different house and with all the members that showed up. We (the elders) gave him a blessing and there was just peace. We were all smiling and even Ken was making jokes and everything was just so different. I love the Plan of Salvation. We all knew that Ken would be able to see his wife again. In his blessing it said that Ken’s wife would be taught, that they will be able to be in paradise together. I loved this gospel.
Well then we went to the grave yard. I didn’t like  that. We all sat on the ground and there were a ton and I couldn’t see anything and we weren’t to talk and I couldn’t understand anything but I stayed for Ken and his family. Well, we got done at 4’ish and we looked at Sister Zohner’s arm and it had turned black. Not all of it but where the bite was and then there was puss coming out. So we called the Zone Leaders and went back to the hospital.
Well, long story short they didn’t do anything and we went back again everyday then finally Sunday her whole arm was swollen and she was in so much pain. So we went back and the doctor is just “Oh hey, I think that this is infected.  Yeah you need surgery.”  Thank you… we had told them that on Wednesday… well we scheduled surgery for Monday (which is why I am emailing today.)
So we went in yesterday and she had it all taken care of (hopefully) and now we are restricted from going anywhere! Had to beg to email today and Sister Zohner isn’t even in pain anymore… Well that’s OK if it will make her healthy. Her hand has swollen up now but her arm looks tons better. Want to know why I know? Because I have to clean it.  I had to take a stupid cue tip and clean out her bloody pussy hole this morning! True story! And I get the opportunity to boss her around and make her change her bandages and what not!!
So life is fun right now. haven’t really been a missionary too much because I have either been in my flat or at the hospital but my comp is like a pro. Right after she came out of surgery she was in recovery and so was this man. They were both just waking up and her being a consecrated missionary decided to contact the drugged man. So she tells him she is a missionary and wants him to come to church. He wants to so he tries to memorize our number. Haha. She is powerful and a wonderful example to me. Haha!

Well I love you guys!!! Sorry that is my week!! I have no time to email sorry!! I love you all!! you are like mostest best people ever!! Besides my mom! And my funny sisters!

and now….

I’m alive—–Sister Zohner
Love Sister Neicia Marie Browning!!!

Sorry this isn’t all in caps!!

PS.  Well for fun we got a bunch of paper and taped it together and then drew our outlines and made us having a  wizzarding duel!!! That was fun!! Oh, and this one guy followed us to church, came in!! He was so drunk but hey!! He calmed down when he went in and he followed the elders after that!! He even took a couple naps so that was good!! Hahah!!! Sorry not very many pictures!! It’s being xing!! And sorry I can’t email everybody!! Like I want to but I can’t!!!
DSCF9583 DSCF9586

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