Email from Sister Zohner (Neicia’s companion)

Thanks for the email Sister Browning-not my companion but….Hi Mom!

So good! Did you know that your daughter could be the next United
States General Surgeon? But really she took care of me so well and
reminded me to switch my band aids and take my medicines. I wouldn’t
have even called the zone leaders until Sunday, but Sister Browning
really cares about me and my health. I don’t feel any pain anymore and
we are so ready to get back to work, we were dying in the flat!
Here are some pictures your daughter probably didn’t send home:


Her asleep at our blind investigators, well, because she wouldn’t know.


and me taking a selfie of her taking a selfie.

(Me:  Lol! Those are hilarious! I can’t believe she fell asleep at and investigators house! Selfie of a selfie. Creative, lol. I love it. These are SO going on her blog.)

I got more…. I didn’t know that there was a blog. I can really get creative with this.


Hahahaha, That day was a really rough day. But here is our awesome t-Shirts and us on a mini bus with our district. But I will look especially for great pictures this week.

DSCN9651    DSCN9676

Sister Zohner has to go!


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