Letter to Family Received 6/26/15

Dearest family,

I miss you all SOOO much!  Not a day goes by where I don’t think about each one of you!  Even you Allison!  Just last night I was thinking about having a “sister in law”.  I know it sounds funny but I just thought it was cool to have a sister in law.  So I wrote you all letters but I just wanted to still talk to you.  So I just thought writing everybody would be better.

So I guess I am sorry my spelling might be xing.  Enlish comes and goes these days but this day English goes bad.  So that is why! But really mom is the only one reading so just sorry Amyi!

So I just love my mission.  I am not going to lie but I am sure it is eaiser than most missions in some areas and harder in others.  For example I don’t work as long and I have many down times.  But the church is very new here and we have to show people how things are done.  we really only have about six or seven people doing their callings.  Six are returned missionaries.  we have four, almost six missionaries out now though which is like the best out of the whole mission.  One of our branches was WAY xing!  So that had to be cleaned up!  The branch president was stealing tithing money.  (Met him for the first time, drunk on the street, yesterday!  He “gave” sisters the priesthood and stuff like that.  So much work to do.

Well, a black pen now!  I got up to eat my chips (french fries) and salad (cut up tomatoes, avocados, cucumber and lime, salt/pepper and vinegar)  And now Black pen adrocoto (gone!) So back to blue.

Well, mission rocks!  Africa is the best place in the world!  I love it here!  The people are just wonderful!  Just the ohter day a man followed us and asked if he could go buy us stuff for lunch.  We gave him pongono money and he was back in about 2 minutes with 2 avocados and a lime.  I love people here!  Or my favorite, a man we contacted wanted to help us with our work so he ran around a bunch of houses and had people come out and listen to “the words of God.”  I totally felt like Jesus because we were sitting on a rock and people came out and we taught them!  Then he followed us most the afternoon and made sure everybody would come talk to us!  After all he asked for was a sweet! Ha Ha!  It was funny!  We bought him a couple!

People are wonderful!  Lately, I have been having a hard time with one thing though!  I hate having appointments at lunch time!  Too many people feed us!  I can’t go my whole mission eating 2-3 lunches a day!  I will be fat!  Some people are learning though!  They know the American has a weak stomach for fish and can’t eat kwambili (a bunch).  I LOVE Nsima though!  With rape or beans and chicken, also an egg boiled!

So life is treating me good!  The weather hates me though!  HOT, HOT, HOT, COLD, COLD!  We were joking about how confused God must be!  Malawians pray for rain until it comes and then pray for heat.  Then pray for rain again!

Well, not much to tell about funny stories!  Well here are some, just little things that I didn’t email about:

1.  A lady opens her gate with ONLY a see through shirt on…

2.  My comp stunk up the bathroom and the maid came in to clean and came right back out with a nasty face on!

3.  My comp and I play spiritual speed!  Loser has to contact!  Sister Griffus contacts a lot!

4.  Once this happened the circled people are publicly breast feeding!  This i in gospel principles!  It’s funny to see the Elders literally looking at the ceiling.  (She enclosed a diagram.)

5.  This Elder named Ngandebonka heard me whistling!  And he asked totally serious. (This guy is SHY! Never talks! He is from a country called Burundi.)  “What are you doing?”

“Stop it!  Don’t do that! Women don’t do that in my country.”

“Oh?”  I kept whistling.

“Iwe!” (you) “You do that at home?”


“In front of your abombo?”



6.  We were going to our areas and my hair was on him and I didn’t see but finally he turns and “Iwe!  Your hair!  Shave it off!”

That kid!  HA!

KK Basi (stop) that be good!  Just so you know, I wrote that bad on purpose!  So, this is good!  I love you all! Be good!

Sister Neicia Marie Browning

PS.  I fall asleep so quick here now and I LOVE it!  Always so tired!  Never enough sleep!  (Except for when I was sick and slept for 3 days!)


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