Letter to parents received 6/26/2015

Amyi ndi Abombo,

Makolo wanga hi ha ku konda!  (My parents I love you!)  Ine sowa Iwe!  (I miss you!)  Basi chichewa ay!? (Stop Chichewa yeah!?)  Ay! (Yeah!) Chobwingo!

Kk, ummm it’s late right now and I don’t have much to say!  I have sent you letters!  So everything is in them.

I love it here!  I am happy! Mission is hard, boring and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!  I am happy!  More happy than I can even think of.

I want to change myself not just for my mission but even after or else I’ve wasted 18 months for myself.  That’s my personal goal!  I want people that I teach to be better than me bow so I must first become better.  I can not convert past my own conversion!  So I will be my best!  I am here for God!  That’s why I came out here!  I love Mulungu ndi Yesu Kristu! (God and Jesus Christ)  I am very much happy to get the opportunity to serve!

Zikomo for giving me birth! or having me You da besto!  Stay fresh!


Sister Browning aka Neicia!

P.S. I miss Amerika! (How they spell it!)  Merca!

Don’t worry be happy!

Come what may and love it!


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