Email on arrival November 26, 2014

Neicia flew to Zambia by herself.  This was a big daunting deal for her (and me) being an unseasoned traveler.  In London she had a panic when she realized not long before she had to catch her flight to Johannesburg that her boarding pass from Johannesburg to Zambia said, “Not valid for travel.”  She tried to get ahold of us and the Mission travel department but couldn’t get through to either.  Not knowing what else to do she found a way onto facebook and sent me a message to see if I could call the Mission travel dept. and have them fix it.  I had no way to let her know that all she had to do was take her ticket to the counter and they’d give her a boarding pass.  She continued to try to call in the airport then on the plane.  She told me she wouldn’t get back on facebook as she needed the Lord’s blessings and had to be obedient.  Her last sentence in the message broke this mama’s heart.  “Mommy, please don’t let me be stranded in a foreign country by myself.”  I admit, I cried a few times.  The dead silence every time we’d answer the phone and know she was trying to get us was horrible.  I knew the fix was easy but she didn’t and that killed this mama.  Her almost 12 hour flight to Johannesburg must have  been so frightening.  I’m sure she learned a lesson during that time as all she had to rely on was herself and the Lord.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.    Here’s the email notice I received in the wee hours this morning…yes, I was awake watching for it.

“Mommy, it’s Neicia!! I’m safe!! Turns out they just print off the tickets at Johannesburg!! Tell the girls and the boys I love them!! Hope you got my letters!!! Gonna go take a nap now!! Love you guys!!! Make sure you all email me!!”