Group Email February 9, 2015

Well, I did have a story but I forgot what it was so I will tell you about my adventure this morning!!

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SO I was in Zingwangwa and then we were going to get on a coombee and go to an area called Neiumbadwe where the othere sisters stay! So were are on this coombee right! Well it runs out of gas! They put the little in it that they had! Then we go back on our way!! Well, it runs out again!! SO because this happened they are to pay for everybody else to get on another coombee. So we follow them to the new one and load on! Then it all starts!

The conductor starts yelling!! Angry! He is speaking in Chichewa so i have NO IDEA what he is saying!! Then all the people next to me begin yelling!!! Now the driver is yelling! All these people are yelling! The driver and conductor at the passengers and the passengers at the driver and conductor! I was a bit scared!! Haha, no idea why anybody is yelling! They kept counting everybody! I was very confused! Then this kid who happened to be on the coombee knew Sister Griffus and she asked what was wrong! Evidently, the conductor of the last coombee paid for 3 of us and then ran away before anybody noticed!! So they were trying to kick us off and the rest of the passengers refused! Saying that they had been ripped off!! Then the conductor pulls out a gun!! Yes, thats right! I was like WHAT!!? NO!! For some reason I wasnt even afraid then I realized ,’Oh its a fake gun!!!!’ This man is xing!! He is trying to get us off with a fake gun!! Well, we decide that we have had enough of these people so we get off, right!!? We get on a new coombee who said they will take us where we want to go!! They drive like a block away charge us 150 kwacha and tell us to get off!! I was like WHAT THE FLIP!!! They said if we wanted to continue we could pay them 1000 Kwatcha! Yeah, right man! I will walk!! So I did!! We finally found a new coombee and finally able to reach the sisters flat!!

That’s my story!! Nice, right?!!!

Well on the bright side! I have learned a lot about just trying your best even though you can’t succeed!! Our whole zone has had A TON of trials his week!!! We have had people who ALWAYS work with us fall through! Nobody home, people don’t want to talk to us!!! That is not normal! Normally we have people coming up to us!! Normally we have too many lessons to fit in a week that we can’t see everybody!! This week we had to drop like half of our investagators, we only had 10 lessons the whole week! Man, it was crazy!! But I dont really care because I worked hard!! I know that the only reason we are having this challenge is because the adversary is working against us!!! We had 4 investigators come to church!! So we know that our lessons were productive!! We may of had a hard week but on sunday we were blessed with our efforts!! There were so many people in Gospel Prinicples we could barely shut the door! And there were so many in relief society we couldn’t shut the door!! So we were very blessed!! I almost hope this week is hard that way I can really work hard! Sometimes it is to easy!! I really enjoy working hard!! That’s when I feel the best!!