Group email 4/13/2015

Life is Good!

Well, I am blessed my friends!! So I will just tell you a little of how I
had been feeling!! Most of you know just how much I love and adore my
family!! They mean the world to me!!! My parents have had some work
changes, my brother Trevin is moving to Colorado, Jessica is turning
16 and will begin dating Mckennna just turned 18 and is about to
graduate from school! And then Kalten getting married!!! I struggled
with missing out on all this for a bit!! I took it to my Heavenly
Father!! I prayed a little and he chastised a lot!!
I realized that my family was being blessed!! That life is moving for
them! Good things are happening!! I realized that because of my
service he was blessing them!! And I was complaining for what I have
been praying for everyday! For my family to be blessed!
My parents are better than I left them! Trevin gets to go where he
wants to go! Jessica and Mckennna will be experiencing new things!
Kalten is getting married and not just to anyone, but to Allison!! How
wonderful is that!! I love her and got to meet her a few times!! Sure
I am going to miss it but, oh well!! I realized that he is happy so why
should I not be as well!! My family is bigger now and I have one more
person to love!!
I am grateful for the things that I get to miss out on! I am grateful
to My Father in Heaven for watching over my family and I’m thankful for
the chastisement!

I had a good week and I am looking forward to another!! Heavenly
Father has blessed me again! He is going to keep me busy on Thursday
that way I don’t have to think about home to much!! I am blessed enough
to be able to go to a district service most the morning and then I get
to work with the President of the Mission (President Erickson) and his
wife for three hours!! That actually is making me a little nervous!!
But hey no complaints! What a great learning experience!!

Anyways I love you all! Thanks for the support!! I do have some home
work for you all though!! I want you all to send me at least 5
pictures of Kalten and Allison this week!! I am excited for them!!

Love you all!
Sister Browning!