Group Email 12/14/2014

Week 3

Man, I’m not gonna lie this was a xing week!
So Monday was wonderful!!! We emailed and then went to the market!  I love the markets here!  I need to take a picture! next week I’ll send one!!  Then we ate food and went home! Fun, fun! We were with the other sisters in our zone! And the Zone leaders told me that I had a package in!! SOOOO EXCITED!!
Then Tuesday we went to an appointment where I had to eat nishima for the first time!!! Man, I don’t think I have ever prayed over my food so hard! Then when I was eating it I prayed the whole time not to gag!!!  My family knows how I am with gagging!  Well, the nishima its self wasn’t bad! it was the capenta (little whole fish, eyes, bones, everything) and mathumbo (goat intestines) that got to me!!! Man, that was horrible! My comp was used to it cause she is African so she silently laughed at me the whole time!!!
Well after my comp was starting to feel sick so we went back home at 2:00! I feel asleep on the couch and woke up at 7:00! That is bad… 7 means dark, dark means mosquitos infested with malaria are out!  So I didnt think much of it I just went to my bed with my net.  Then it started to rain finally!!!  It woke me up because it set off all the car alarms!!  It really rains HARD here.
Wednesday we woke up and my comp was really sick so we didnt go out! but I did find 74 fresh bites on my from the day before… ya… stupid Neicia!  Anyways talk about the worlds most boring day!  Here I am in Africa the coolest place ever and I am stuck in a hot flat with no electricity or water… fun stuff right?  No! So the zone leaders called and asked how we were doing, we told them we need Book of Mormons (we wanted them to bring our packages) and they said they would try to make it out that week!! Well, we told them we made them food!! They said they were on their way! Yeah, we didn’t make them food… well I opened the door expecting to find a fresh package from my family, but instead I just saw my other suit case!! I wanted to slam the door on them!!  Package yeah right!  The first thing they said is “Where is the food?” I handed them a chocolate bar (they’re lucky I still wanted my bag) and then they left!! Well,  I went into our bedroom and started unpacking when a HUGE black nasty spider came into the room fast!!! I screamed and ran!!! My comp, thinking I was about to die, ran in, saw the spider and then we were both screaming and running! I went and grabbed a bowl then went into the room just as I saw it go under my suit case.  Being senior companion she delegated the job of catching and killing to me.  Coward.  I moved the bag real quick and the spider charged.  I threw the bowl down on it and run again. We worked up the courage and go look at it!!!  I didn’t know how we were gonna kill it because it was so fast!!! After about 15 minutess I finally lifted the bowl to squash it and nothing… it didn’t move. Yeah, I killed it when I either moved the bag injuring it or when I put the bowl over it!!!  But it died! I was mad the the unepic ending!
Thursday we went out!!!  It was a really normal day of teaching and contacting!!  We went home and I decided to finish unpacking!!!  Seriously, man! I looked down and ANOTHER HUGE SPIDER!! I was so mad I didn’t even scream even though it was like a foot away when I saw it! but I just told my comp to make sure it didn’t move and then grabbed my camera and took a picture! then I killed it with my foot! BOOOM!!
Friday was another normal day!!!  Two little kids said they want to be baptized so they will be on the 4th of next month!! Man, I am excited!!! I love teaching these kids!!!
Saturday, to be honest I don’t really remember!  WE did try to make brownies though!  Then brought them to the Beals ( a senior couple who live in our same building! They were super thin but didn’t taste to bad!! I was proud! Brownies from scratch!
Sunday! So I got to church and as always they are running late!!  About 10 minutes after they were supposed to start Sister Dlamini and I got called into the branch presidents office where sister Dlamini was asked to give a talk! Again being senior comp. she said I can do it!!! In her own defense she did just give a baptism talk last month!! Well, I agreed and we went in and they started church!!! I looked through my scriptures frantically! It was on repentance at least! Well,  I was first to speak! It went ok actually! I almost cried though of course! Man, I am so emotional when I talk in church!  Well, after church we went to an investigator’s house!  We found his brother, who said “Mike isn’t home, he had to go into work!” All of a sudden a very drunk Mike stumbled out of his house and told us he heard us and followed our voices! Well, we tught him anyways (it started to rain and we wanted shelter) so we taught him, his brothers and a neighbor all the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Haha it was a good lesson!!! We even made a return appt. Hopefully bro. Mike wont be drinking his Chibuku shake-shake (alcohol, I really like the Chichewa name for it! haha!).
So that was my week!!!
I learned some more Chichewa!! I can now understand the people too turns out I am not an azoogoo but an azoongoo! and its spelled azungu! so its azungu boh all day now that school is out! Man, I love this language!
Love you all,
Sister Neicia Marie Browning!