Group Email 4/6/2015

The title of my email will be AfricANT!
Ok, so here is my week! We officially moved all the way in! This took WAY longer then I wanted it to! Previous missionaries left WAYYYYY to many things!! ATTENTION ALL MISSIONARIES AND FUTURE MISSIONARIES: please take your junk with you! If you don’t want to deal with it just think about how much the next missionaries don’t want to deal with it! Yup, kk! So it was really good to finally move all the way in! We got our mosquito nets up so that is a real blessing! Got bit a ton times! But that is why we take our Doxy pill every day I guess! So, no Malaria yet! Although I know a lot of missionaries that have had it! Technically, I dont know if I have it! It takes about 7-10 days to first start showing signs! So you will know by next week! Hopefully it isnt the kind that kills you! 1 in 3 chance of that! If I get that then I love you all! Thanks for the support. See you in the next life! (Don’t worry mom I am not going to die! That was a joke… sort of!)

Anyways, so on Tuesday I was enjoying my new bed and my net up! I fell asleep with nothing but the utmost happiest (not sure if that sounded wrong because I have been in africa for 5 months or because it IS wrong but you get what I mean! Happy!) Bug free thoughts! There I am sleeping when I wake up! Man, I have sand in my bed! Probably because we dont have water and I am dirty! It’s fine I have to go to the restroom anyways! 2 mins later, I am climbing back into bed! But first I put a sheet over the top of my bed so I can sleep better! I fall back alseep! 30 mins later I am awake again! Dang this is sad! Now it’s on my new sheet!!! I sweep my bed clean and try to go back to sleep! Wait the sand is back! And this grain is moving down my leg! I dont think this is sad… I get up half mad half freaked out and turn on my bathroom light so I can see! Ok yeah I have a bunch of ants crawling all over me! I brush them all off, go to my spare bedroom, rip off the matresses and take it back to my room! I throw it down and now I have no blanket and no pillow! Still I feel “sand” but not as much i just keep brushing them off and going back to sleep! Don’t get much sleep at all! Slept through the alarm! So did my comp (that isnt new though. That kid doesn’t hear anything till I tell her that its time!) So i wake up at 7:30! Oh well, I needed it! Barely functioning I went out that day!

This same thing happened to my comp the following thursday! We were about to burn down the flat on purpose this time but someone got us Doom! We sprayed our beds! We might get cancer from the fumes but at least we wont get eaten alive by ants!! 😉

Ok, that was the highlight of my week!

Now! I have been thinking a lot about Lehi’s sons lately out of the Book of Mormon! I couldn’t help to notice that they are ALL very obedient! We know that they ALL “took our journey in the wilderness.” They ALL went to Jerusalem! ALL worshiped the Lord and helped Nephi build a ship! So, if ALL four did what they were asked why is it only two recived the blessings!?
I believe it was because of the manner in which they were obedient! Laman and Lemuel murmered about everything! They had to be pushed to do what was commanded of them they didn’t do it willingly. They did how ever have testimonies. I was amazed to find out that Laman and Lemuel had testimonies. We find this out when they decided not to go back to Jerusalem! They repented! But then they went back to having bad attitudes!
I am trying to remember this when I am out working! Missionary work is not always fun! People make me very sad sometimes! But if I don’t keep a good attitude then why am I here? I am not benefiting anything and I know that I won’t be able to help others do so!
Think about this as you are all going through out your days! Why are you doing things? Because you want to!? Or because you feel obligated! Then change! That is what I am going to do!
I love you all!
Sister Neicia Marie Browning!