Pictures, chat and testimony 12/14/2014


Sister Browning and Sister Hubert at the MTC.


First attempt at Nishima. The hard part for her was the capenta (little whole fish including eyes and bones) and mathumbo (sheep intestines).


Up close look at capenta and mathumbo.


This is what happens when you fall asleep on the couch and not under your mosquito net. She counted 72!


These 8 legged creatures can sure cause drama for a girl…or two.




I wonder if this is why they say don’t drink the water?

DSCF2465 - Copy (2)

Laundry time!

We have a laundry room!!! It isn’t in our flat.  It is right next to it but in our gate!!! So it is just ours! It hurts to wash with hands!! My comp taught me! All the Americans have scraped up wrists!!! Haha!
I am pretty good at it though!!! I wash lots!!! We went and found a lady washing outside on Friday and started helping her and man like 20 people gathered around and laughed at the azungu washing!!! Ha, It’s good for them to see!!!  They think we are better than them!!!  Like they get on their knees to shake our hands because we are “better than them.”  Sometimes it’s a sign of respect but it makes me sad!
So I was riding the taxi home on Thursday and somebody was behind me and kept plucking my hairs!!! I seriously just laughed!!! It doesn’t bug me because I know they are just amazed at my hair, its color and softness!!! It gets touched a lot!! People pretend to do it on accident!!! It’s funny!!! But man the person plucking my hairs! Ha, probably wanted to prove to people they saw me!
Ha two packages!!! Wow!!! Yay!!! everybody has gotten theirs and then there was me but I didnt care until the zone leaders called and told me I had one too!!! I waited anxiously for days like half a week only to find out it was my other suit case!!! Ha, my comp has a package though so I guess I don’t really need to buy her things for Christmas!! She has way more then me! Ha!! It’s all good though!! I really don’t care too much!! I bought a Crunch bar and put it my stocking the Coles gave me at my homecoming!! I am excited!!! I really would love some American food in my next package! Actually, I made a list I’ll tell you later!!!
You asked about my schedule.  I
get up at 6:30
8-9 personal study
9-10 comp study
leave by 10
be home by 6, but leave area by 5!
6-10:30 dinner and planning! Then we have a lot of time that we just sit and talk or cook! stuff like that!!! It’s because it is so dangerous here at night so we just don’t get to do as much work!!! Normally, we go to bed early though because we have really long days still as it is super hot and humid so we are very tired!
Sister Dlamini and I, we have fun! It’s a loud apartment!!!  We laugh and blast Motab for all the world to hear!  She knows Nianja which is very similar to Chichewa!!! But she is learning still too!!! She is definitely not fluent she just picks it up faster!!! Plus she speaks 9 languages so she is used to learning new languages! Most of the Africans here know lots of languages! There are 11 official languages in South Africa and that’s where she is from.
*After I talked to Neicia for a while she wanted to talk to one of her sisters.  I took my computer in to Jessica at 5:40 just before she had to wake up anyway.  Neicia wanted her to take a picture of her new phone and send it to her, which she did.  Her last email message made us laugh so hard.  I’m glad she always has her sense of humor.  This is what Neicia said in return.
Ha!  Wow!  I like it!!! The screen is intact!! For now!! We will see next week!!! Haha!! Not even joking either! How did you get it? Did you have to pay or is it an early Christmas gift? Good I will get the letters in a couple of months! 🙂
I will send kalten some! I just had to wait until I get paid! I didnt get 20% of my money last week so I have been a bit poor!!! Plus I didnt get paid today yet! Hopefully, I will later on today! Otherwise I won’t have any food! 🙂 Literally! Ha, and no way to pay to get home! 🙂 It’s all good fun!! Our neighbors take care of us!! The Beals, they made me brownies last night! 😀
*Then Jessica let her know it was time for prayer and scriptures.
I’ll write you a spiritual thought!!!  2 Nephi 22:2  Jesus Christ is our salvation! Only through him and his atonement can we be saved and gain that salvation. I will trust and be not afraid!!! I love that part!! Jesus Christ went through every thing we did plus more. He knows EXACTLY what we go through and so we can trust in him and fall on him because he will lift us up. I love the CD by Kenneth Cope (I brought it from home) about Jesus!!  It’s helping to build my testimony a lot!! I love Jesus Christ and am eternally thankful for his sacrifice for us! Jesus is your strength and your song as well!!! Let it shine Jaide!  Let it shine!
Pray and study your scriptures!!! Not read but study!! I love you little sister. Have fun at school! Write me emails weekly on your new phone!! You’re the best!!!  And you should do your hair cause you look nasty right now!!! I showed the sisters in my zone! We all laughed!! You need a shower!!! and a shirt!  But you were sleeping so it is ok!!!
Well little one,  I think my companion is almost done now so that means I get to go eat some lunch!!!  I am starving.  It’s 3:30 and I ate last at 7:30ish!  Oatmeal!  Best thing in the world now!!!  I can’t eat cereal because the milk here is SO gross!!!