Letter from Neicia to mom received 6/26/15

Masweda Amyi!

Muli bwanji? Tsiku laku linali bwanji?

Translation: Good morning mom!  How are you?  How has been your day?

KK, I would rather not translate everything so we we’ll just stick to Chizungu (English!)

So mommy Happy Mother’s day!  I hope it was well!  Glad I got to call! (It’s 5/5/15 so I still haven’t really called yet!)  But yeah!  Oh surprise!  Random small thing for you!  I sent the small thing for you  I sent the small package with Sister Griffus and she sent it off!  It was for you because you are my mother and also for Emily Cole!  My new friend at the home!  But you should be happy with my name tag! Only have one now so hope I don’t lose it!  I want grandma to get me some magnet ones because I can’t get them from this part of the ‘ol world!  And at home they are just $2.00 and here it’s the price of a small human kid!

Anyhow, what would Amyi  want in her letter?  Umm…?  You probably are just happy you get this bur I know you so I will just ramble on and tell you everything!  I can think to ramble.

First, What is hard for me:

Diligence!  It is SOOOO hard to not be allowed to do things!  So hard to be actively engaged all day in the sun!  Head aches and leg cramps!  Ha, but it’s good and I am soooooo grateful which leads us to…

Second, What I’ve learned most:

I honestly can’t express it!  Man mom, I am learning so much!  Prayer!  So much!  I have come to actually have a relationship with God!  Love!  I love the people here!  I sometimes want to just cry because they are not progressing…Book of Mormon!  Dang how I love that book!  I feel empty when I don’t have time to really study!  I LOVE it!  Humble!  Still working on it but God is helping me!  I think the most thing I’ve learned so far is that I can’t change on my own and God will change me in his own time.  Mosiah 4:27.  I’ve learned that we have to work as a team!  I can’t without God and he can’t without me!

Third, What I miss most:

1.  Food that doesn’t make me sick!

2.  Family but the once a week email helps a lot!)

3.Piano!  Man the piano…

4.  Friends.  (Not too bad but a little!  Most are on missions so that makes it easy.  10 friends on missions!)

Fourth, what I’ll miss most:

1.  The good food (Nsima!)

2. The people

3. The time to be dedicated to God

4.  The beauty!

Fifth, what I want to take home:

1.  My appreciation for the fmaily

2. Study habits

3. Desire to be my best

4. Love and relationship with my Heavenly Father!

Sixth, funny moment:

I was in Limbe and I was with some elders.  Well we were getting in the coombee (minibus) and I had eaten something cause man, I had gas.  So I feel it coming on and it goes right when I get on the bus…silent but DEADLY!  We sit down and then we see the elder’s faces!  Elder Etiang gets off the bus!  Me, I’m like “Dang Elder, what did you eat?”  He was just “It wasn’t me!”  And then his comp is just blaming him.  “You totally just farted dude!  That’s nasty!”  Ha!  I was dying!  I told my comp and she was just dying even!  Basi!  That will be done!  All ok  Sorry my lame black pen died…I liked that one…Anyways last thing left!

Seventh, my testimony:

Hope you like it and learn a lot from it!  It is good!

Ndikyolziwa tchalitchi chathy Ndichowona ndine osangalala chipukwa cha uthengawu ndikudziwa mulungu amatilsonda tonse.  Ndikudziwa buku la mormon.  Nolilowona chipukukwa, limaphyzitza kuti titha kubwerera kwa mulungu.  Josepha Smithie ndi mtumiki wakubwenzeretsa.  Yesu ndi ambuye wathu nai mpulumutsi wathu.  A kulamulira naipo a matikonda.  Naikudziwa utumiki umabweretsa madeliso. Ndik=makukondani nonse mu dzina la yesu khristy Amen.

Basi Ni nha ku knoda Amyi! Chiconda kwambili!

Sister Neicia Marie Browning

PS.  Feel free to put it in the google translate but I probably spelled some of  the things bad!

PPS  Yeah…You’re going to have to find your own magnet!  I sure would like some from grandma!  That would just be the best thing for my birthday!  Man, I would just be so very much happy!


Letter home from MTC Nov 18, 2014

Dear Family,

My companion is Sister Lee.  She’s from Houston, Texas.  My P-day is on Thursday.  They gave us this form to write a letter to you on.  They didn’t say we were only limited to the lines on the paper!  Tender mercies!  So it’s Thursday now but it feels like I’ve been here a week not day two.  It’s CRAZY how full our days are.  My first day was great!  I already got to teach!  The spirit is so strong here!  Everyone in my district is going to Washington  So it’s just me!  It’s fun.  My comp is okay!  She is 22.  I am amazed by how many older sisters there are.  Sister Dale is 25!  She’s in my district!  I like it here!  Tomorrow I’ll get a calling!  I’m excited.

So a little info on how we teach here.  People, non-members/investigators, or members can be hired to come in and get taught by us.  So I taught this one guy names Chi-Cho (non-member) and we actually were able to get him to accept our message. Well, God’s message!  I really am loving it here.  It is awesome and way happy!  It’s crazy how much I have learned in just under 48 hours!  Sleep is murder but I am very happy and evidently always smiling!  I ran into Sister Hubert today!  That was awesome!

The spirit here is so strong I understand why it’ll be so hard to be released!  Also, I now understand how hard it’ll be for an investigator to not accept the truth!  That hasn’t happened yet but I already love the people I’m teaching.

Visa?  Where/how/when/ do I get it?
Just got back from the gym.  It’s the first bit of free time I’ve really had  So my zone has this weird game/prank thing I didn’t know about!  Now I do…It’s called banana.  So yesterday I am at lunch and grab a banana.  Sit down and begin eating it.  Sister Bell (she’s the one who emailed you for me) yells, “We’ve got a banana!”  So the district that came last week in our zone all have ipads.  So they all take out the ipads while sister Bell explains, “You will now begin eating the banana the way we tell you to.”  They converse secretly with one another and then announce that I’ll be eating my banana like an elephant!  What!  I am also to try and make elephant noises in the process!  I gained respect!  At first I tried putting my nose (trunk) into it.  Then decided pretending my hand was a trunk was better!  It was actually really hard!

Tell Kalten, Trevin and Allison I love them and I want a letter from them pronto that way I can wrote back next Thursday.  I love you all and miss you but I am way happy!  Love Sister Neicia Browning (Getting used to that!)