Group Email 1/8/2014

Second Week

Muli Blangi?
So my week has been good!!! We met a family of 11 and get to teach them!!! The Dad is so interested!!! He demanded a bible, Book of Mormon and hymn book!!! He skipped a funeral to come to church this week! I love the people here!!! They just love Jesus!! I haven’t met one person who doesnt know who Jesus is and how Jesus helped them!! I have only met one person who wouldnt let us talk to them!!! I love it here, man!!! The joy I get every lesson!!! We have five people already with baptism dates and have 3 more we are going to ask this week!!!  It’s so awesome!!! The best part about it is they are strong!!! They believe and have found out for themselves!!!
So we lost power and water on the same day this week!! All day man!!! The worst!!! I almost cried when it came back on, One of the senior couples even heard us yelling because we were so happy!!! IT IS HOT here!!!  Man, let me tell you, way hot and when the power and water went out I felt like I was going to die!!! No AC and no water or filtered water!!! Finally it all came on and was on for a whole day until boom!  One morning nothing!!! I yelled- literally!!! Then I got on my knees and thanked God for what I did have!!! I think he put me in my place a bit!!! Ha!!! The people here don’t ever have that! I sucked it up and it all came back on!!! Amazing right? Ha!!
So church was awesome three of our recent converts got confirmed!!! I loved seeing their faces!!! So happy!!!
So funny thing happened this week!!! A lady asked me for a job!!! Because evidently all Azoogoos have money to spare!!! Ha no, we just said we are missionaries and asked if we could come and teach her sometime!! She said she was busy but walked us to her house and said come back and made an appointment!! Ha, people! Oh, one thing did scare me pretty bad this week!!! We were talking to a lady and a very drunk man (very tall and about 32) came over and sat down by us (we were standing) and started talking in Chichewa to me!!! Well I can barley understand them already but when a drunk guy talks there is nothing!! He was getting angry because I just kept saying “English!!” and he started to move closer!! I took a step back and then said to him very firmly, “Sit back down and don’t come any closer!” He did!! Then I grabbed my comp. and said, “It’s time to go.” Thats my story!
So there was a protest too this week so we had to go home early!!! That wasn’t so fun!!! There was also a soccer game and man the people!!! It was the largest crowd of people I have ever seen!! They came out and they stretched for like a mile or something long!! Just kept coming, screaming and hitting the car we were in!!!  I can’t tell you how many kisses were blown my way!!  Idiots!
It’s all fun though!! The kids are funny!!! They follow us!!! I love being white here sometimes too because the people will see me and stop what they are doing and their jaws will drop and they will just stare!!! Everybody no matter what age!!! It’s the best!! So funny!
Sorry if my grammar is weird!!! I am not talking the same!!! I haven’t used the word “legit” in a while!! 🙂
Anyways, it was a good week!!! I learned lots, taught lots and am having fun!!! I love teaching the gospel!!! I love the people and feel so blessed to be out here!!! I have come so much closer to our Heavenly Father and I am just happy!!! I love it!! I haven’t been homesick or depressed once!!! (well I did have to turn off the song I’ll be Home for Chrstmas. because it made me just a little sad!!! But it was all good!!! I love it!
Have a wonderful week!!
Love you all,
Sister Neicia Marie Browning!

Group Email from the MTC Nov 20, 2014

I think she’s really enjoying herself….made clear by the caps and exclamation points.  I love my girl’s infectious exuberance.